Darlene Cunningham

Darlene Cunningham helped co-found the international missions movement, Youth With A Mission, an ever-expanding global missions movement which has reached into every nation. She is also the International Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Nations (UofN). Darlene is eagerly sought as a speaker worldwide because she is recognized as a woman of faith and wisdom who hears from God. She is uniquely qualified and experienced to give leadership to those within Youth With A Mission because she understands the lifestyle, pressures and joys of the Mission from an inside perspective. Whatever the context, she constantly points the hearer to God’s faithfulness in every situation, and to His great grace.

Jeremy Bolton

Jeremy has a wife and three young boys and has been with YWAM since 2005. From 2014-2019, he was a part of pioneering YWAM Queenstown, New Zealand where they focused 75% of their outreach teams to the nation of Papua New Guinea. Over the past eight years, he has been leading different initiatives in Papua New Guinea, like pioneering the Discipleship Bible Schools in PNG, raising up local leaders, adopting 33 languages to translate, and being a part of raising $3 million for the translation work in Madang and the YWAM Liberty ship in PNG. In 2019, him and his family moved to Kona, Hawaii where he was invited to join the leadership team of End Bible Poverty Now.

Al Akimoff

In 1973 Al and Carolyn founded YWAM Slavic Ministries to initiate evangelism and discipleship in Eastern Europe. This year marks 53 years that they have ministered among the Slavic peoples of the world pioneering many ministries in the nations scattered across Eastern Europe. These days you might find Al and Carolyn in the Caucasus Mountains, in a village on the Tundra far above Arctic Russia, or in establishing ministries to trafficked girls in Moldova, as they continue to pioneer new works, something that remains very close to their hearts.

Julie McLaughlin

Julie was born in Kansas, lives in Hawaii, and is also Australian.  She has worked with YWAM for 21 years.  Julie’s official title is Advance Coordinator for YWAM Ships Kona which means she can be found speaking with Heads of State working out government invitations, or sometimes just cleaning the head (that’s the name for the toilet on a ship).  Currently, Julie is pioneering the Flotilla Initiative which is partnering with private yacht owners around the world to reach people living on the most isolated islands.